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How to mount our straps:


Supplies Needed:

  • spring bar tool (recommended) or small flathead screwdriver (1.5 – 2.0mm)

  • a non-abrasive cloth or towel

  • masking tape/painters tape


General Tips & Set-up:

  • Use a flat, open surface, such as a table to set up your workspace. 

  • Lay down the towel or cloth on the table to protect your watch from sliding around and to keep the supplies from rolling away. 

  • We recommend using masking tape or painter’s tape to cover your lug ends (minus the lug holes) to protect the lug ends from being scratched by tools. 

  • Always work from the case back (underside) of your watch. That way, if you accidentally slip with your tool and scratch the watch, it won’t be visible from the front.

  • Note: If you’d prefer not to install the band yourself, you can reach us and you can buy our strap directly and we can install it for you. (Sydney service only)

Still, not enough confidence to do it by yourself?

If you work or leave in Sydney, We can always meet you, drop you your brand new straps, and if you offer us a coffee we can fit the strap for you.

How to mount our strap with a quick release:

In any cases, the secret is to be patience and allow you some time to learn. At the end Rome wasn't built in a day...
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